Interview with Angelika Larkina

We’re going to Estonia where we interviewed to Angelika Larkina.

How you started your career as Barmaids, a profession of many men?

I started in this career as a lot of in our business. I moved to the from the small city of Rakvere to capital of Estonia Tallinn to learn business management.

Then I started to work as a waitress in a Thai restaurant and after one year started to work also in the nightclub as a bartender. Bartending won me over at that point.

You feel it cost you more than a man grow in this profession?

In Estonia it is actually easier as we have more lady bartenders and they are very active!

Which is the most important thing you’ve learned in this profession Be yourself, be kind and take care of yourself! Which is an essential ingredient in your bar.


Angelica Larkina
What do you think it takes to be a good bartender?

A good bartender is a person, who likes people! Otherwise is hard to work in this profession Good bartender likes to communicate with their guests and find the perfect cocktail for them.

How do you see the final in the world’s biggest battle for movers and shakers in Classic Mixology & Flairtending?

It is super exciting that it is in Estonia this year! So many countries will be here and we have prepared you a very nice stay!! Awesome venue for the competition and at the same time is the Tallinn Cocktail Week. ( So you will have the chance to explore the beautiful Tallinn and our cozy bars!

Some advice for the barmaid who want to prosper in this profession?

Be opened and learn from the best bartenders! Listen and watch them working. Compete in the different competitions -it gives you so many friends amongst the bartenders around the world and at the same time you are learning new things. Also it gives you self-confidence.

Angelica Larkina

Angelika Larkina thank you for your words I hope you the best!

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